Meet The



Herow is a fearless and charismatic leader. He’s always ready to challenge Don Cheese and can skateboard through anything.  


Wizzz is Don Cheese’s brother. Once known for making real, delicious food for his people but is now under the spell of Don Cheese’s “food coma.” Herow’s team continues to fight for Wizzz' redemption. 



Noodleman is more timid than the rest but will still fight for his friends. He’s crazy flexible and can stretch his noodle arms far and wide. 


Sonny (egg sandwich) is very innocent but also mysterious. He comes from another dimension and can open portals to other worlds. 


Spike is Herow’s right hand man. He doesn’t stress and and stays mellow but is always down for the cause. He’s got skater/surfer vibes and can shoot his cacti spikes if the situation calls for it. 


Chirp is mostly sweet but can be very sour when provoked. She can lift the team’s spirits with her positivity and her singing has the power to wake people up from their food comas.


Pugsly aka Pugz is Herow’s dog. Super silly, funny, and surprisingly always comes through in sticky situations in the last minute. He also has the power to fly but only when he wants to, not on command.

Don Cheese

Don Cheese, LocoL's Villain, tries to feed the world burgers made in a lab to put everyone in zombie food comas.